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  1. Dottie Engler permalink

    What a brilliant idea you had. Wonderful to follow along. Am sharing with our office. It would be lovely if your vision could transform a few BPS playgrounds. Look forward to more posts.

    Dottie Engler, BPE, Fund for Teachers

  2. Amanda permalink

    Hi, in the mists of Quality in Play and was look for feedback on my Adventure play ground and came across your blog…. nice comments
    A Apples and Pears

    • Hi Amanda,

      Great to hear from you! Sorry it’s taken forever to reply to your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the post about Apples and Pears. Thanks so much for chatting with me and showing me around last summer, it was a great visit. Hope you are well, take care.

  3. Meynell permalink


    I would like to know who you are. What was your PhD about and do you have any other web presence? I am going to use one of you photos in iP-D!P magazine but have no way to reference who you are.[ip-dip at ip-dip dot org

    • Hi Meynell,
      Thanks for getting in touch. My name is David Ramsey, and I’m about halfway through my PhD focusing on children’s play in urban environments at Lesley University here in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the States. I do have two other websites you might find interesting. They are both versions or two sides of the same coin, if you will. The first is, and the second is
      The first site is an attempt I’ve made at making available research and theory on play, playgrounds, children as citizens, democratic education, etc., all written by people other than myself. The second site is a venue for me to share some of my own writing on similar subjects. You’ll see, if you visit them, that the sites have not been updated recently, as I’ve been busy with the PhD, life, etc. But I am hoping to breathe some life into both of them again soon.
      What photograph are you using in iP-D!P? I’m glad you’ve found this site interesting, I had a brilliant time visiting the playgrounds, it was an amazing experience.
      All the best,

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