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Jubilee Gardens Playground

June 30, 2012

I found this playground directly behind the London Eye.  It is constructed almost entirely out of immense timbers, attached together to create a very long climbing structure.  Beneath the climbing structure is a thick-gauge rope net, which looks as though it could catch you if you fall from a log as you climb, but the thickness of the rope makes it feel less like it is designed to cushion a fall than to simply provide another opportunity for climbing, sort of a lower level to the structure.  There is a thick rope spider web for climbing on and through, and there is also an interesting rope swing.  The most interesting part about this playground is that the timbers in the climbing structure are arranged to eliminate any uniformity in spacing between logs- the gaps between the logs are completely unpredictable, which requires children to pay extra-close attention to where they place their hands and feet as they attempt to maneuver their way up, over, under, down, and through.  This stands in contrast to a typical pre-fabricated metal or plastic playground climbing structure with ladders that have equally-spaced rungs, or with bridges that are made of equally-spaced boards or slats.  Enjoy the photos below.











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  1. bernadine lormilus permalink

    Hey Dave, this is great! You’ve given me a new insight about playgrounds. I never thought that this topic would be so interesting. Now I can’t wait to see pictures of other types of playgrounds and the logical behind their construction. I am so excited to go on this journey with you and learn from your experience. Thank you for creating and sharing this blog. WOW is all I can say!! Until next time~

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