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Let the Adventure Begin!

June 29, 2012

I flew to London yesterday on a grant from the Boston Fund for Teachers to research adventure playgrounds and playwork in England and Wales.  Thanks to the generous support of the Boston Fund for Teachers, I will be able to spend the next several weeks visiting playgrounds to get a sense of the different opportunities for play provision in the UK, and I will have the opportunity to meet and speak with with several significant thinkers and figures involved in children’s play, such as Tim Gill, Penny Wilson, and Bob Hughes.  I hope that you will enjoy coming along with me on this adventure!  Thanks for stopping by.  I will be posting photographs daily, I hope, of the various interesting playgrounds and playspaces I manage to visit.  Please enjoy the photos.



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  1. Jess Milne permalink

    Get in touch will help you get to the real London Adventure Playgrounds !
    Jess Milne

  2. Jenny permalink

    This is great, Dave! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nancy permalink

    Hope you will be visiting Portsmouth’s adventure playgrounds too!

  4. Wow, Dave! Looks like quite an adventure. I look forward to keeping track of your travels via your blog!

    ~Ms. M

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